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This is the third time I've found Italy's butt in my face when I woke up. Tell him to quit it, I don't want to wake up and realize that my nose is between his sweaty buttcheeks.

All I can say. 

[[I was too lazy to draw something so here, have this.]]

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There is a door to your left. 


a well known saying among my people

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Tumblr prom?



Someone explain this “Tumblr prom”. It’s been floating around and I think I know what it is, but, I’m not completely sure. 

So if any can explain, I will be happy. 

[[ You go to a person’s ask box and ask them to be your Tumblr Prom date. If they accept then on October 21st each person dresses in formal prom attire and takes a picture of themselves and reblog’s the other person’s. ]] 

Anonymous sent:

And it doesn't suck like England's fooood~ okay I'm done

Don’t hide behind Anon, Italy.

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